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State committee standing committee, party secretary wu Dan led the team to Green Energy company research

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On the afternoon of October 24th, wu Dan, member of the standing committee of the state committee, party secretary of the communist party of China (CPC), and liu qianfeng, vice mayor, led the heads of relevant departments of supervision, investment promotion, planning, environmental protection and land use to our company for investigation.

Party secretary wu Dan, vice mayor liu qiefeng and other leaders of relevant departments visited our company's fully automated solar water heater production line on the spot successively, and highly appraised our company's achievements in low-sunshine solar thermal field and low-sunshine solar photovoltaic field.

In the company's office building held at the site of the survey, party secretary wu Dan said: "green card companies in the current production conditions are so difficult, the company has achieved such good social and economic benefits, hard-won. Our municipal party committee and government must strongly support local enterprises and help green card companies solve problems and difficulties encountered in development. Welcome the green card company to move into gantang industrial park for development, expand greater development space and make the enterprise stronger and bigger.

At the meeting, party secretary wu Dan, vice mayor liu qiaofeng and leaders of relevant departments jointly studied and decided to support several preferential conditions for green card relocation to gantang industrial park.

Chairman of the board of directors (first from the right) party secretary (third from the right) general manager of the company (fourth from the right)

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